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Unity is a multiplatform game development tool. An all-in-one solution, Unity has been designed from the start to ease game creation. A fully integrated professional application, Unity just happens to contain the most powerful engine this side of a million dollars.

Unity Fundamentals
Explore the powerful Unity Engine in this module. You'll create your own outdoor terrain with Unity's powerful Terrain Editor and learn about the game production tools Unity has to offer. In addition to an extensive tour of the interface, learn about design paradigms and tools like GameObjects, Components, Cameras, Lights, and Particle Systems.

Unity Gameplay Scripting Primer
Create your first game from scratch using Unity's default assets. Learn how to make a game with a win and lose condition, player health, and a score. You'll learn about object collision, how to create a fully-playable first-person controller, and how to use the GUI class to create an in-game heads-up display.

Unity Optimization Deployment
No game is complete until you can deliver it to an eager audience. Learn how to deploy your game to multiple platforms, including PCs, Macs, and the Unity Web Player. Learn some tricks for optimizing your final package's file size (crucial for web and mobile deployment) such as storing large assets online and loading them at runtime, and using asynchronous level loading.

Unity Scripting with javascript
Scripting is at the heart of Unity's ease of use. Learn the basics of javascript to unlock the full potential of your games. This module covers basic programming concepts such as variables, logic loops, and data types, as well as Unity-specific classes that relate to the object-oriented Editor tool (such as accessing GameObjects and Components).

Unity Scripting with javascript 2
Create a top-down space shooter from scratch! You'll make a fully-functioning arcade game and learn about collision, player movement, instantiation, health and score systems, dynamic level creation and enemy spawning, creating weapon power-ups, using particle systems and sound effects, automating enemy movement, and creating a homing missile.

Unity Networking Scripting I
Unity makes complex network and multiplayer functionality more approachable than ever with its Network class and masterserver database. Learn how to connect players across a network, how to sync object and variable states between game instances, how to create a chat system, and how to post and receive global server-side high scores. You'll be able to use the tools and techniques learned here and begin to craft your first multiplayer game on your own. It won't be easy, but you'll have the foundation you need to get started.

Basic Artificial Intelligence Part 1
Learn how to create enemies that think! In this AI introduction you'll create a robot that detects when a player is near and runs away until it feels it's safe. You'll learn how to use enumerations to store an object's state, how to effectively trigger 3D animations, and how to script logic in an enemy that will teach it to think for itself.

Binocular GUI
You'll learn how to create a high-tech binocular effect for your game, complete with distance readouts, faux night vision, and an interactive camera zoom. This can be integrated into any player-controlled camera and would probably be most at home in a first-person game. The sky's the limit; take what you learn here and run with it!

Character Animation Scripting
Learn the basics of animation scripting in Unity! You'll learn how to import and script the animations of a robot model and also how to use animations in tandem with Unity's physics system, creating a punch animation that affects surrounding objects.

Gun Muzzle Flash Raycast Bullets
This module shows you how to add two effects to a first-person gun: a randomized muzzle flash and an impact explosion. In the process you'll learn about raycasting and raycast hit normals, instantiation and randomization, and modifying firing rates.

Inventory GUI
In This tutorial we will touch base on many of the Graphic User Interface (GUI) functions such as buttons, guiskins and many other topics. In this tutorial you'll learn to create a bag collection system that will be able to loot objects, swap objects and have a functionality to equip these objects.

Basic Artificial Intelligence Part 2
Up the ante with our second module on Artificial Intelligence that builds on the first. You'll learn how to create a stationary robot that detects when a player is in range and fires towards him,and an even more fearsome one that runs around the level looking for players to fire at.

Animation View
by the Unity Demo Team. Unity can animate almost any game property including position, rotation, and component parameters, offering a developer a great deal of control over animation interactivity. Unity also pairs well with custom imported animations, as you can both trigger and modify them with the Animation View.

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