(Italian) La lingua Italiana per stranieri - Katerinov

(Italian) La lingua Italiana per stranieri - Katerinov
Guerra, Perugia | 1985 | DjVu JPG | pages: 510 | ISBN-10: 8877150092 | MP3 128 kbps, 44 kHz | 64.2 mb
The author of the textbook, Catherine Katerinov, focusing on the communicative approach in language learning, however, do not lose sight of the grammar.However, the grammar is presented as a linguistic norms as an integral part of communicative competence.All texts and exercises structured in a sociolinguistic perspective, it is considered that the speaker wants to say (the content of the utterance), for what purpose (function statement), to whom (the social role of the speaker and the listener), and in some situations (communicative function of language).
Manual consists of 25 sections, each dealing with a particular grammatical subject, and on its basis it would seem a new lexical material.At the end ofthe textbook have tests to monitor how well the learned material.
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