"Leonardo da Vinci's Giant Crossbow" by Matthew Landrus

"Leonardo da Vinci's Giant Crossbow" by Matthew Landrus
Springer | 2010 | ISBN: 9783540689188 | 199 pages | PDF/djvu | 21/7 mb
The book explores the context of Leonardo’s invention with an examination of the extensive documentary evidence, a short history of the great crossbow and ballista, the first accurate translation of the text and the technical specifications, and a detailed analysis of Leonardo’s design process for the crossbow, from start to finish.

The book proposes these new discoveries with the help of a strategy that had been at the core of Leonardo’s working philosophy: the proportional method. As proven with an analysis of the Giant Crossbow project, he used a consistent approach to 1/3rd proportions throughout the design and drawing process and employed this kind of proportional strategy at the start of almost every important project.

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This book has a wealth of technical information about the Giant Crossbow drawing, as it’s a complete study of this project, though this is as accessible to the general audience as much as it is also informative with new discoveries for the professors of engineering, technology and art.


Part I. The Idea: Locating the Giant Crossbow and Its Components
Chapter 1
Proposal to Ludovico Sforza, CA 1082r [391ra]
Locating Leonardo, c. 1480?484
The Political Climate in Florence, c. 1480
Chapter 2
Dating the Crossbow
Manuscript B.
War with Venice
A Programme for Siege and Defence Strategies
Chapter 3
A Real Project
Studies and Measurements
Leonardo’s Sources

Part II. Making It Work: Functionality of the Giant Crossbow Design
Chapter 4
The Armature’s Design and Proposed Construction
Bat Wing Form, Laminated Beams and Blocks
Materials: Willow, Iron, Hemp, and a Stone
Chapter 5
Proportional Design and Operation of the Armature
Proportional Form
The Motion of Missiles Cast ?Will Be in Proportion to the Angle of the Propelling String
Chapter 6
The Lower Carriage, Side Poles, and Wheels
Lower Carriage
The Wheels
Chapter 7
The Upper Carriage
Proportional Consistency
Trigger Mechanism
The Crossbowman
Chapter 8
Mechanical Draughting Techniques
Page Format
The Sequence of Marks
Appendix A
The Measurements and Proportions of Leonardo’s Giant Crossbow
Appendix B
Drawings That Were Closely Associated with the Giant Crossbow Project
Crossbow-Related Terms Used by Leonardo
Manuscripts and Archival Sources
Printed Primary Sources
Printed Secondary Sources

with TOC BookMarkLinks
PDF: http://ifile.it/w2qjg74/LdaVinciGiantCrossbow.rar ?| ? http://www.easy-share.com/1911044890/LdaVinciGiantCrossbow.rar

DJVU: http://ifile.it/hwsltnq/LdaVinciGiantCrossbow-djvu.rar ?| ?http://www.easy-share.com/1911044873/LdaVinciGiantCrossbow-djvu.rar

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