"Mind in Action" by Bede Rundle

quot;Mind in Actionquot; by Bede Rundle
Oxford University Press | 1997 | ISBN: 0198236913 | 316 pages | File type: PDF/djvu | 13/6 mb
Mind in Action challenges the dominant view in contemporary philosophy that human action is driven by thoughts and desires much as a machine is made to function by the operation of physical causes.

Bede Rundle rejects the materialist view of mind and the causal theory of action; hisalternative approach elucidates such key concepts as thought, belief, desire, intention, and freedom to give a fresh view of human behavior.

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Table of Contents

1. Mental Antecedents of Action
1 Desire, Thought, and Action
2 Ability and the Mental
3 Sensation and Causation

2. Mind and Brain
1 Mind and Mental
2 Expression
3 Formulating Physicalism
4 The Scope of Physicalism
5 Objects of Belief

3. Mind, Animals, and Behaviour
1 Animal Action and Desire
2 Thought and Belief
3 Animal Thought
4 Animal Sensation

4. Reasoning and Language
1 Animal Reasoning
2 Language and Concepts
3 Language and Communication
4 Animal Minds

5. Intention and Desire
1 Shall and Will г Intending
3 Wanting
4 Intention and Reference

6. Action
1 Marks of Action
z Characterizing Action
3 Action and Purpose
4 Action and Causation
5 The Skinner Scheme

7. Reasoning, Deciding, and Intending
1 Practical Reasoning ъ Deciding and Intending
3 Mental Causes
4 Thought and Action

8. Reasons and Consciousness
1 Reasons and Incorrigibility
2 Unconscious Thought
3 Unconscious Desire and Intention
4 Reasons and Causes

9. Freedom
1 Freedom as Doing as one Pleases
z Freedom as Being Able to Do Otherwise
3 Ability and Possibility
4 Determinism and Responsibility

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