2021 Guide to the Night Sky Southern Hemisphere

2021 Guide to the Night Sky Southern Hemisphere

English | September 3rd, 2020 | ISBN: 0008399794 | 112 Pages | EPUB | 80.59 MB

A comprehensive handbook to the planets, stars and constellations visible from the southern hemisphere. 6 pages for each month covering January-December 2021. Diagrams drawn for the latitude of southern Australia, but including events visible from New Zealand and South Africa.

Written and illustrated by astronomical experts, Storm Dunlop and Wil Tirion.

Content includes:
Advice on where to start looking
Easy-to-use star maps for each month with descriptions of what to see
Special, detailed charts for positions of planets, minor planets and comets in 2021
Seasonal charts
Details of dark sky sites
Details of objects and events you might see in 2021
Diagrams of notable events visible from Australia, and some for New Zealand and South Africa

Also available: A month-by-month guide to exploring the skies above Britain and Ireland andA month-by-month guide to exploring the skies above North America.



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