50 Picture Puzzles to Improve Your IQ

50 Picture Puzzles to Improve Your IQ

English | April 6, 2014 | ISBN: 149756235X | 160 Pages | MOBI | 8.28 MB

BEST PERFECT GIFT FOR PUZZLE LOVERS OF ALL AGES!Solving B&W picture puzzles is a great way to increase visual intelligence. Most pictures are taken on a circle line tour of Manhattan. Each puzzle has 10 differences which you have to spot as quickly as possible. Solutions are given for all puzzles. As indicated on the cover, this book contains fifty picture puzzles designed to improve your IQ. The original and altered pictures (10 changes) appear on the same page, making a side-by-side comparison possible. When you glance at the photos, they will look identical. However, a more careful look reveals 10 differences.It doesn't matter whether you are at home, at the airport waiting or your flight, or relaxing on vacation, these puzzles can be worked anywhere. They will:
challenge your powers of observation.
stimulate your ability to concentrate and focus.
provide hours of entertainment.
How to Solve
Have your own routine for solving - one that works for you. Remember, your routine is as individual as you are. Don't hesitate to modify your routine if necessary.
Clear your mind before you begin. You will need to concentrate.
Focus on the puzzle. Limit interruptions and distractions. Make sure you note where you stopped if you are interrupted.
Use a systematic approach and work in a pattern. Work from left to right or top to bottom. This helps you avoid reviewing the same portion of the picture repeatedly.
Pay attention to the details and be as particular as possible. Each line, circle, color, and the word should be carefully scrutinized for differences.
Try crossing your eyes and merging the two pictures into one; the differences will seem to blink in and out of your vision.
Don't simply look at the details, but check for the obvious, especially if you are stuck.
Make sure you are aware of the areas you have already worked on. If you have to leave your puzzle, you will not have to start over.
Take a break if you are stuck. Leaving a puzzle and going back to it later may open your eyes to differences you missed before.Good Health - the Key to Building Puzzle Solving SkillsMental exercises can raise your skill level for puzzle solves, but it helps to keep your body in good physical condition as well.
Eat a healthy diet.If you want to maintain and improve your mental abilities, be sure to eat antioxidant-rich foods and stay away from too much sugar and caffeine
Get enough exerciseThe physical movement needs to be part of your daily life because it increases the oxygen in your blood, which can sharpen your brain. You do not need to work out; any activity involving physical activity is fine. Just make sure you are not spending the majority of your time in sedentary activities like television watching and Internet surfing.
Get plenty of rest. Make sure you get the number of hours recommended for your age and lifestyle. Sleeping recharges both your brain and your body.
Live Life Active, Agile, Bright, Healthy & Happy!



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