A Portrait of Linear Algebra, 3rd edition

A Portrait of Linear Algebra, 3rd edition

2016 | ISBN-10: 1465290532 | 872 Pages | PDF | 7 MB

Preface to the 3rd Edition
In the three years since the 2nd Edition of A Portrait of Linear Algebra came out, I have had the
privilege of teaching Linear Algebra every semester, and even during most of the summers. All the
new ideas, improvements, exercises, and other changes that have been incorporated in the 3rd edition
would not have been possible without the lengthy discussions and interactions that I have had with so
many wonderful students in these classes, and the colleagues who adopted this book for their own
Linear Algebra class.
So let me begin by thanking Daniel Gallup, John Sepikas, Lyman Chaffee, Christopher Strinden,
Patricia Michel, Asher Shamam, Richard Abdelkerim, Mark Pavitch, David Matthews, and Guoqiang
Song, my colleagues at Pasadena City College who have taught out of my book, for sharing their ideas
and experiences with me, their encouragement, and suggestions for improving this text.
I am certain that if I begin to name all the students who have given me constructive criticisms about the
book, I will miss more than just a handful. There have been hundreds of students who have gone
through this book, and I learned so much from my conversations with many of them. Often, a casual
remark or a simple question would prompt me to rewrite an explanation or come up with an interesting
new exercise. Many of these students have continued on to finish their undergraduate careers at
four-year institutions, and have begun graduate studies in mathematics or engineering. Some of them
have kept in touch with me over the years, and the sweetest words they have said to me is how easily
they handled upper-division Linear Algebra classes, thanks to the solid education they received from
my book. I give them my deepest gratitude, not just for their thoughts, but also for giving me the best
career in the world.
It is hard to believe that ten years ago, the idea of this book did not even exist. None of this would have
been possible without the help of so many people.
Thank you to Christine Bochniak, Beverly Kraus, and Taylor Knuckey of Kendall Hunt for their
valuable assistance in bringing the 3rd edition to fruition.
Many thanks to my long-suffering husband, my best friend and biggest supporter, Juan Sanchez-Diaz,
for patiently accepting all the nights and weekends that were consumed by this book. And thank you to
Johannes, for your unconditional love and for making me get up from the computer so we can go for a
walk or play with the ball. I would have gone bonkers if it weren't for you two.
To the members of the Socrates and Sanchez families all over the planet, maraming salamat, y muchas
gracias, for all your love and support.
Thanks to all my colleagues at PCC, my friends on Facebook, and my barkada, for being my
unflagging cheering squad and artistic critics.
Thanks to my tennis and gym buddies for keeping me motivated and physically healthy.
Thank you to my late parents, Dr. Jose Socrates and Dr. Nenita Socrates, for teaching me and all their
children the love for learning.
And finally, my thanks to our Lord, for showering my life with so many blessings.
Jude Thaddeus Socrates
Professor of Mathematics
Pasadena City College, California
June, 2016



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