A Proficiency Course in English with key

F.V. Bywater, "A Proficiency Course in English with key"
Nelson ELT | 1990 | ISBN: 0175561931 | 255 pages | File type: PDF | 11,4 mb

This book has a very specific purpose. Between the First certificate and Proficiency Examinations, students have to build up a far greater knowledge of idiomatic English and they have to learn to eliminate grammatical and stylistic mistakes. This involves a systematic revision of all the most important aspects of grammar and construction, and this book is designed to help in this task

The constructions with basic verbs A-C
Pattern of verb tenses (excluding conditionals)
Notes on the uses of basic tenses
The constructions with basic verbs D-G
The constructions with basic verbs H-I
Points to remember about using the passive in English
The constructions with basic verbs K-N
The subjunctive
The constructions with basic verbs 0-S
The constructions with basic verbs T-Z
The pleonastic 'it' (the extra 'it')
The gerund
The infinitive
Compound or phrasal verbs B
'So' and prepositions at the end of sentences
Interrogative sentences
Relative pronouns
Compound verbs C-D
Uncountable nouns
The uses of 'some', 'other', 'any', 'none', 'neither', 'one' and 'ones'
PluralsCollective nouns
Compound verbs F-H
Some points to note about the use of auxiliary verbs
Indirect speech
Compound verbs K-M
The use of the articles in English
The Saxon genitive (the 's) and the use of nouns as adjectives
Compound verbs P-S
Word order
Compound verbs S-T
Sentence construction
Miscellaneous compound verbs

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