A Scheme of Heaven

A Scheme of Heaven: Astrology and the Birth of Science, UK Edition

English | January 9th, 2020 | ISBN: 1781259631 | 336 Pages | EPUB | 20.41 MB

'A delightful and utterly fascinating work of intellectual history.' Joshua Foer author of Moonwalking with Einstein

Despite a resurgence in popularity, horoscopes are generally considered to be pseudoscience today - but they were once a cutting-edge scientific tool. In this ingenious work of history, data scientist Alexander Boxer examines a treasure trove of esoteric classical sources to expose the deep imaginative framework by which - for millennia - we made sense of our fates. Astrology, he argues, was the ancient world's most ambitious applied mathematics problem, a grand data-analysis enterprise sustained by some of history's most brilliant minds, from Ptolemy to al-Kindi to Kepler.

A Scheme of Heaven explores the wonderful subtleties of astrological ideas. Telling the stories of their inventors and most influential exponents, Boxer puts them through their paces using modern data sets - finding that the methods of today's scientists are often uncomfortably close to those of astrology's ancient sages.



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