Absolute Arithmetic and F1-geometry

Absolute Arithmetic and F1-geometry

English | 2016 | ISBN: 3037191570 | 397 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

It has been known for some time that geometries over finite fields, their automorphism groups and certain counting formulae involving these geometries have interesting guises when one lets the size of the field go to 1. On the other hand, the nonexistent field with one element, F1

, presents itself as a ghost candidate for an absolute basis in Algebraic Geometry to perform the Deninger-Manin program, which aims at solving the classical Riemann Hypothesis.

This book, which is the first of its kind in the F1
-world, covers several areas in F1

-theory, and is divided into four main parts - Combinatorial Theory, Homological Algebra, Algebraic Geometry and Absolute Arithmetic.

Topics treated include the combinatorial theory and geometry behind F1
, categorical foundations, the blend of different scheme theories over F1

which are presently available, motives and zeta functions, the Habiro topology, Witt vectors and total positivity, moduli operads, and at the end, even some arithmetic.

Each chapter is carefully written by experts, and besides elaborating on known results, brand new results, open problems and conjectures are also met along the way.

The diversity of the contents, together with the mystery surrounding the field with one element, should attract any mathematician, regardless of speciality.

Keywords: The field with one element, F1
-geometry, combinatorial F1-geometry, non-additive category, Deitmar scheme, graph, monoid, motive, zeta function, automorphism group, blueprint, Euler characteristic, K-theory, Grassmannian, Witt ring, noncommutative geometry, Witt vector, total positivity, moduli space of curves, operad, torificiation, Absolute Arithmetic, counting function, Weil conjectures, Riemann Hypothesis



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