Acrocorinth: Excavations in 1926 (Corinth Vol.3.1)

Carl W. Blegen, Richard Stillwell, Oscar Broneer, Alfred Raymond Bellinger, Acrocorinth: Excavations in 1926 (Corinth Vol.3.1)
Publisher: American School of Classical Studies | 1930 | ISBN 0876610319 | File type: PDF | 96 pages | 11.5 mb
The ancient site of Corinth dominates the land corridor between central Greece and the Peloponnese and was occupied continuously from at least the 10th century B.C. Corinthians profited from their geographical position to take a leading part in Greek trade and colonization in the West, and the city later became the capital of Roman Greece. American excavations at the site began in 1896 and have continued almost without interruption to the present day. The first Corinth volume presenting Results of Excavations Conducted by the AmericanSchool of Classical Studies at Athens appeared in 1929 and, as scholars complete their research, further titles continue to be published. Each volume covers a particular building or set of buildings, or class of material culture. The series includes studies of lamps, sculpture, coins, inscriptions, and pottery. Because most of these ancient finds can be dated stratigraphically, these typological catalogues are invaluable reference works for archaeologists around the Mediterranean.

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