Adam Sargant - Recieving the Wisdom of the Guru Self

Adam Sargant - Recieving the Wisdom of the Guru Self
Sargant | ASIN: N/a | 2004 | MP3 | 46 mb each
A meditation built on the idea of trance identification with a future idealised, or present higher realized, self.
The original inspiration for this meditation lies in Tibetan Guru Yoga practices.
Deep Trance Identification is a concept derived from the fields of NLP and hypnosis, but has its origins in shamanism, spiritual and religious practices of all kinds. Shamanic practices of identification with spirit beings and deities would appear to go back to pre-history. More recently, some forms of the mystical Christian practices of the Stations of the Cross encourage identification with Jesus at stages from his being condemned to die through to his resurrection.
I have developed this meditation with an emphasis on some of the submodality distinctions and future pacing the insights and resources from the meditation back to the future self. (Future pacing is NLP jargon for developing skills through mental rehearsal of future experiences). This then creates a feedback loop, because the resources develop in the future pacing and become increasingly expanded and available to the trance identification. So as one carries out the meditation, one can become aware of the insights that develop in quot;the nowquot; contributing to the spiritual development of the future wisdom self being meditated upon. This further develops the wisdom self and results in accelerated insights here and now.
In the West we are not so familiar with the Guru or Teacher tradition. I use the concept of a future or higher self, referred to as the wisdom self, because this further develops the feedback loop. Used regularly, this meditation can accelerate one's spiritual development significantly.
What I like about your work? Your tracks let me dream, let me float, let me think and make me feel good listening and after listening. That's the best I can tell, and that's so much, isn't it? And I admire you for doing the recording and presenting it.

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