Advances in Measurement Systems

Milind Kr Sharma, "Advances in Measurement Systems"
InTech | 2010 | ISBN: 9789533070612 | 592 pages | File type: PDF | 61,1 mb

Table of Contents

In-Field Measurement of Soil Nitrate Using an Ion-Selective Electrode
High-resolution, High-speed 3-D Dynamically Deformable Shape Measurement Using Digital Fringe Projection Techniques
High Temperature Superconducting Maglev Measurement System
Autonomous Measurement System for Localization of Loss-Induced Perturbation Based on Transmission-Reflection Analysis
Radiation Transmission-based Thickness Measurement Systems - Theory and Applications to Flat Rolled Strip Products
Design of a Measurement System of End-User Information Competency with a Case Study
Radiation Transmission-based Thickness Measurement Systems - Advancements, Innovations and New Technologies
Experimental Radio Indoor Positioning Systems Based on Round-Trip Time Measurement
Metrology for Non-Stationary Dynamic Measurements
Sensors Characterization and Control of Measurement Systems Based on Thermoresistive Sensors via Feedback Linearization
Algal Biosensor-Based Measurement System for Rapid Toxicity Detection
Error Analysis and Simulator in Cylindrical Near-Field Antenna Measurement Systems
Nano-Metrology Based on the Laser Interferometers
Inductive Telemetric Measurement Systems for Remote Sensing
Measurement of Voltage Flicker: Application to Grid-connected Wind Turbines
Wideband MIMO Measurement Systems for Antenna and Channel Evaluation
Passive All-Fiber Wavelength Measurement Systems: Performance Determination Factors
The Idea of the Measurement System for Quick Test of Thermal Parameters of Heat-Insulating Materials
New Technologies For Measurement Systems Distributed On A Wide Area
A Methodology for Measuring Intellectual Capital. A Structural Equations Modelling Approach
SIMEFAS: Wide Area Measurement, Protection and Control System in Mexico
Multi-Wave Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy Surface Ozone Measurement with Open Path Meters
Intermediate Measures Consideration for a Value Chain or Multistage System: an Efficiency Analysis Using DEA Approach
Analog to Digital Conversion Methods for Smart Sensing Systems

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