Advances in Natural Gas Technology

Advances in Natural Gas Technology

Second Edition
ITexLi | 2016 | ISBN: 9535105078 | 553 Pages | PDF | 34 MB
Any advances in the process link could make a step change in gas industry. There have been increasing efforts in gas industry in recent years. With state-of-the-art contributions by leading experts in the field, this book addressed the technology advances in natural gas industry.

Natural gas is a vital component of the world's supply of energy and an important source of many bulk chemicals and speciality chemicals. It is one of the cleanest, safest, and most useful of all energy sources, and helps to meet the world's rising demand for cleaner energy into the future. However, exploring, producing and bringing gas to the user or converting gas into desired chemicals is a systematical engineering project, and every step requires thorough understanding of gas and the surrounding environment.

Part 1: Natural Gas Resources
1 Shale Gas Development in the United States
2 Geochemical Dynamics of the Natural-Gas Hydrate System in the Sea of Marmara, Offshore Turkey
3 Geopolitics of Gas in South America
4 Geological and Geochemical Setting of Natural Hydrocarbon Emissions in Italy
Part 2: Natural Gas Production
5 The Expansion of Unconventional Production of Natural Gas (Tight Gas, Gas Shale and Coal Bed Methane)
6 Fluid-Solid Coupling Numerical Simulation on Natural Gas Production from Hydrate Reservoirs by Depressurization
7 Natural Gas Hydrates
8 Modelling and Simulation of Natural Gas Liquefaction Process
9 Natural Gas Purification Technologies - Major Advances for C02 Separation and Future Directions
10 An Approach Integrating Chemistry and Toxicity for Monitoring the Offshore Platform Impacts
11 Monitoring of Impacts of Offshore Platforms in the Adriatic Sea (Italy)
Part 3: Natural Gas Marketing and Transportation
12 Natural Gas Market
13 The Gas Transportation in a Pipeline Network
14 Phase Behavior Prediction and Modeling of LNG Systems with EoSs - What is Easy and What is Difficult?
Part 4: Natural Gas Utilization
15 Natural Gas Dual Reforming Catalyst and Process
16 Use of Meso-Scale Catalysts for Bulk-Scale Processing of Natural Gas - A Case Study of Steam Reforming of Methane
17 Innovative Technologies for Natural Gas Utilization in Power Generation
Part 5: Natural Gas Combustion
18 Application of Natural Gas for Internal Combustion Engines
19 The Influence of Modified Atmosphere on Natural Gas Combustion
20 Modelling a SOFC Power Unit Using Natural Gas Fed Directly
21 Defining a Gas Turbine Performance Reference Database Model Based on Acceptance Test Results


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