Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training: Revised Edition

Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training: Revised Edition
Publisher: Blue Snake Books | ISBN: 1583942173 | edition 2009 | File type: PDF | 247 pages | 10,4 mb

With the number of Aikido dojos in the U.S. estimated at up to 1,000, this Japanese martial art has never been more popular. This revised edition of the best-selling Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training provides an ideal companion for both teachers and students of all Aikido systems. With over 100 illustrations and 300 pages of detailed techniques and exercises, Aikido Exercises for Teaching and Training has proved itself as the definitive guide to the ‚Äúpeaceful martial art.‚Ä?br/>The exercises here are based on hitori waza, the simple building blocks that underlie the most spectacular Aikido throws. These are augmented with testing techniques, class demonstrations, and underlying basics of physics, anatomy, and psychology. The book includes an explanation of the relationships between exercises and throws; an approach for safe mastery of rolling and ukemi skills; the anatomy of wristlocks; useful training equipment; exercises for individual, off-mat practice; and verbal self-defense techniques.

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