Alekhine & Pirc: 1.e4 Semi-Open Chess Openings

Alekhine & Pirc: 1.e4 Semi-Open Chess Openings

English | August 25, 2016 | ISBN: 1537307320 | 126 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 0.71 MB

Welcome to the Alekhine & Pirc: 1.e4 Semi-Open Games in Chess Openings. Tim Sawyer analyzes 113 games. This expanded version matches the 2016 paperback edition with updated commentary and an Index of Names to Games. The author describes his own adventures in these openings. In addition to the Alekhine Defence and the Pirc Defence, the author covers Scandinavian Center Counter Defence, Modern Defence, the Queens Knight Defence and some rare lines after 1.e4 in the Semi-Open chess openings. Most of the games in this book were played by the author. Many were against masters, experts and club players over 45 years of play. The author shows you typical examples in these defences. Follow ideas to surprise your opponent and win. Have fun playing chess. Enjoy this book! Learn to beat these offbeat defenses. Or play the unorthodox openings yourself. Take your opponent out of his prepared book. Tim includes games vs authors Edmar Mednis, Andrew Martin and Macon Shibut. He played these openings from both sides of the board. Tim Sawyer previously wrote his Alekhine Defense Playbook which provides a specific detailed repertoire for Black. The Alekhine Defence founded by world champion Alexander Alekhine has long been a favorite of the author. Many players like the Pirc Defense, Ufimtsev, Yugoslav, or Modern Defence. The Center Counter Defence or Scandinavian challenges White immediately. Nimzowitsch played the Queens Knight Defence 1.e4 Nc6. Discover creative ideas in strategy and tactics. Try it!


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