Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook

Authors: Atallah M.J., Susan Fox (editors)
Publisher: CRC
DjVU format | 1312 pages | 11,0mb | English language | ISBN 0849326494

Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook presents a comprehensive treatment of algorithms, data structures, and theory of computation. Organized around the main subject areas of the discipline, this resource serves computer scientists, engineers, and other professionals in related scientific and engineering disciplines. The book contains chapters from application areas illustrating how fundamental concepts and techniques come together to provide elegant solutions to important practical problems.

Presents a balanced perspective reflecting the needs of the practitioner. Includes more pages for algorithms and data structures than for purely theoretical issues. Emphasizes practical applications in its discussion of theoretical issues. Contains extensive discussions on string matching, data structures, and finite precision.  Provides thorough reporting of B-trees. Focuses on practical algorithms even if they are not asymptotically optimal. Outlines specific applications where algorithmic techniques are of critical importance

Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook is a comprehensive collection of algorithms and data structures that also covers many theoretical issues. It offers a balanced perspective that reflects the needs of practitioners, including emphasis on applications within discussions on theoretical issues. Chapters include information on finite precision issues as well as discussion of specific algorithms where algorithmic techniques are of special importance, including graph drawing, robotics, forming a VLSI chip, vision and image processing, data compression, and cryptography. The book also presents some advanced topics in combinatorial optimization and parallel/distributed computing.
?? applications areas where algorithms and data structuring techniques are of special importance
?? graph drawing
?? robot algorithms
?? VLSI layout
?? vision and image processing algorithms
?? scheduling
?? electronic cash
?? data compression
?? dynamic graph algorithms
?? on-line algorithms
?? multidimensional data structures
?? cryptography
?? advanced topics in combinatorial optimization and parallel/distributed computing
Unique coverage of Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook makes it an essential reference for researchers and practitioners in these applications areas.

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