All About Ancient Gree

All About Ancient Gree

English | 2015 | ISBN: N/A | 39 Pages | PDF | 46 MB

It's the birthplace of democracy, medicine, philosophy, and of course the Olympics, but it was also home to some of the fiercest warriors known to man. In this edition, we explore boths sides of this incredible nation.
Alexander the Great. How Ancient Greece's greatest leader built his mighty empire
Sparta: Warrior state. Inside the cutthroat world of the elite military force
Secrets of the oracle. Could the priestess at Delphi really predict the future?
Battle of Marathon. A blow-by-blow account of Athens' battle against the Persians
The legacy of Ancient Greece. Find out how one civilisation shaped the modern world
Top 5 facts about Hippocrates. Things you never knew about the father of medicine
Anatomy of an ancient sculptor. See how these famed artists created their masterpieces


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