Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build

G. Harry Stine, "Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build"
Top of the Mountain Publishing | 1994 | ISBN: 1560870753 | 208 pages | File type: PDF | 10,1 mb


This is a great little book. Unforntunately alot of the machines are hard to make since they require a working knowlegde of electronics. But I did manage to make one of them. The Energy Wheel. It does actually work but not really by Paranormal means. Its actually more quantum physics phsyiology. You have a small magenetic field around you. In marshall sylver's book "Passion, Profit Power" he explains that concious thought has a phycosymatic effect on your body. You move the wheel by placing your hands around it imagining it moving your desired direction. This pycosymatically amplifys the magnetic feild around your hands making the wheel move so its not really thought waves that make the wheel turn but it's still a fun little gadget to play around with.

This is an interesting an short little book describing various simple machines that you can build (that actually work sometimes) to test psychokinetic abilities and other little known and unexplained phenomena. The author challenges his readers to experiment scientifically and to try to come up with hypotheses as to why these machines work. Emphasis is wholly on science and rationalism, not occultism.

This is a strange and fun little book that challenges one's understanding of the world as we are told it exists. The ideas and devices discussed herein are "impossible" or "frauds" by the standards of some. The trouble is, they work! Maybe not always and for everyone, but they work often enough for some pretty level-headed engineer types like John Campbell and G. Harry Stine to be convinced. Campbell was the famous (some would say infamous) editor of Analog magazine during its heyday, and Stine worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry. I have personally used dowsing rods and they worked for me even though I didn't believe they would work at all. (It was a very strange feeling when they moved, too.)

The book covers such things as pyramids, dowsing rods, energy wheels, and a couple of "strange machines" called the Hieronymus machine (after its inventor) and the Wishing Machine. It even delves into the realm of "symbolic machines," variations of these devices which work even if only the schematic is used. Stine discusses his introduction to these devices, his experiments with them, people's reactions to them, and directions/methods for further research. Although not mentioned in this book, other countries, such as the former USSR, researched such things heavily, and are rumored to have made some very strange and possibly dangerous strides in this field which they call "energetics."

If you think that there is no scientific basis for any of this, you are not current in cutting-edge physics (which is in turn billions of years behind the Universe itself). The work of Myron Evans in O(3) Electrodynamics, Sach's Unified Field Theory, and Michael Leyton's work in higher dimensional symmetry, among others, give plenty of theoretical basis for these beasties to function

Those who think such things are frauds should not waste their time here. This book is for people who are rational, open-minded, and believe in the empirical part of scientific method. Try them and decide for yourself, unless you prefer to let others do all your thinking for you. Remember, all great scientific breakthroughs were fought tooth and nail by the "keepers of the status quo" of their time.

This book is for people who want to push the envelope, not hide in it.


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