An Active Modern Chinese Grammar & Translation (with simplified Chinese example sentences) [Kindle Edition]

An Active Modern Chinese Grammar & Translation (with simplified Chinese example sentences) [Kindle Edition]

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An English language expert predicted that Chinese would gradually become the most influential language in the world only next to English. In the ten years to come, the new required learning language might be Chinese. He also predicted that by 2050, Chinese would surpass English and leap to the first place among the world's most popular languages.
Some experts even envisaged that future Esperanto might be formed by combining English with Chinese. Ji Xianlin, the late outstanding Chinese linguist, once said, "The Chinese language has no word form inflections, and its thinking logic is similar to man's natural thinking mode. There are things superfluous in the expression mode in English. Therefore, using English words and governing them with Chinese grammatical rules to form a kind of Esperanto, is not completely an idle dream. In this way, the functions of the language and its expression mode may thus be unified. " From this we can see how important Chinese (grammar) is in our future world.
Furthermore, as China is a big country with a population of over 1.3 billion and a history of over five thousand years, she has an important bearing on the political, economic, scientific and cultural development of the world. Now with her economy developing by leaps and bounds, she has become one of the most influential economic powers in the world. She provides people of various strata in other parts of the world with more and greater commercial and other opportunities. To better grasp these opportunities, a good command of Chinese, both spoken and written, will be of an advantage.
Modern Chinese spoken language refers to Putonghua while the written language, to the modern Chinese writings in the vernacular. The two are interrelated with each other. Without a basic foundation of Putonghua, you are unable to start learning written Chinese, and without having acquired a basic knowledge of written Chinese (mainly Chinese grammar), you are unable to constantly improve your Putonghua and raise it to a satisfactory level. Only when you have mastered both Putonghua and written Chinese can you say you have got a good command of Chinese as a whole, and only then can you give fuller play to your ability to do business or handle other affairs with China.
In order to help the foreign learners, especially those English-speaking people and those taking English as their second language, to learn written Chinese easier and quicker, An Active Modern Chinese Grammar & Translation is compiled in a brand-new pattern and up-to-date manner. The contents of Chinese grammar are very complicated and the classification of word groups (phrases) is particularly diverse and complex. Meticulous and systematical work has been done to simplify the present tedious framework of Chinese grammar so that the English-speaking learners will find it easy to learn.
This book consists of morphology and syntax. Morphology deals with the classification of Chinese words and word groups and the rules of their uses while syntax studies the structures of Chinese sentences and the rules of their construction. Chinese auxiliaries, classifiers and word groups which often puzzle the westerners so much are dealt with minutely and systematically. In each chapter of the book there is a special column devoted to the comparison of the most active elements between Chinese and English by giving numerous illustrative sentences along with their translation.
Lastly, this book is designed to be a practical grammar for the foreign learners who have already mastered a certain number of Chinese words and expressions and the essentials of Chinese grammar. It is suitable for work in class and for students or self-learners working on their own.


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