Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering

Applications of MATLAB in Science and Engineering

Second Edition
ITexLi | 2017 | ISBN: 9533077085 9789533077086 | 521 Pages | PDF | 16 MB

The book consists chapters illustrating a wide range of areas where MATLAB tools are applied. Many interesting problems have been included throughout the book, and its contents will be beneficial for students and professionals in wide areas of interest.

These areas include mathematics, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological (molecular biology) and medical sciences, communication and control systems, digital signal, image and video processing, system modeling and simulation.

1 Application of GATES and MATLAB for Resolution of Equilibrium, Metastable and Non-Equilibrium Electrolytic Systems
2 From Discrete to Continuous Gene Regulation Models - A Tutorial Using the Odefy Toolbox
3 Systematic Interpretation of High-Throughput Biological Data
4 Hysteresis Voltage Control of DVR Based on Unipolar PWM
5 Modeling & Simulation of Hysteresis Current Controlled Inverters Using MATLAB
6 84 Pulse Converter, Design and Simulations with Matlab
7 Available Transfer Capability Calculation
8 Multiuser Systems Implementations in Fading Environments
9 System-Level Simulations Investigating the System-on-Chip Implementation of 60-GHz Transceivers for Wireless Uncompressed HD Video Communications
10 Low-Noise, Low-Sensitivity Active-RC Allpole Filters Using MATLAB Optimization
11 On Design of CIC Decimators
12 Fractional Delay Digital Filters
13 On Fractional-Order PID Design
14 Design Methodology with System Generator in Simulink of a FHSS Transceiver on FPGA
15 Modeling and Control of Mechanical Systems in Simulink of Matlab
16 Generalized PI Control of Active Vehicle Suspension Systems with MATLAB
17 Control Laws Design and Validation of Autonomous Mobile Robot Off-Road Trajectory Tracking Based on ADAMS and MATLAB Co-Simulation Platform
18 A Virtual Tool for Computer Aided Analysis of Spur Gears with Asymmetric Teeth
19 The Use of Matlab in Advanced Design of Bonded and Welded Joints
20 ISPN: Modeling Stochastic with Input Uncertainties Using an Interval-Based Approach
21 Classifiers of Digital Modulation Based on the Algorithm of Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Karhunen-Loeve Transform
22 Novel Variance Based Spatial Domain Watermarking and Its Comparison with DIMA and DCT Based Watermarking Counterparts
23 Quantitative Analysis of Iodine Thyroid and Gastrointestinal Tract Biokinetic Models Using MATLAB
24 Modelling and Simulation of pH Neutralization Plant Including the Process Instrumentation


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