Ars Vercanus: Advanced Magickal Techniques

Ars Vercanus: Advanced Magickal Techniques

English | 2014 | 420 Pages | ISBN: 1905713975 | EPUB | 3.3 MB

For as long as humanity has existed, there have been those skilled in the occult arts. Such individuals are capable of transforming the self, perceiving the subtle aspect of existence, and affecting reality via nonphysical means. In every culture, across every era, shamans, magi, mystics, and seers have refined their arts. This has produced a rich and varied collection of magickal techniques and rituals. Ars Vercanus presents a comprehensive system of core magickal techniques and theories distilled from an in-depth cross-cultural analysis of various magickal traditions. The theories of Vercanus Magick impart a deep understanding of how magick actually works. Vercanus techniques clearly delineate methods by which magick may be effectively performed. This style of magick entails a profound shifting of consciousness, facilitating an enhanced perception of reality. Through this expanded consciousness the practitioner perceives the deeper aspects of reality within which magick occurs. The techniques of Vercanus Magick entail the mastering of consciousness and internal energies. This mastery induces a profound transformation in the magus. Thus transformed, the magus is capable of shaping reality at its deepest level.


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