Artificial Intelligence Development Stage

Artificial Intelligence Development Stage

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16.6 Is the brain a good model for machine intelligence? The actions of a human " computer" using paper and pencil to perform a calculation ( as the world meant ), into a formalized machine, manipulating symbols on an infinite paper tape. But I believe it still has challenges to influence human brain can be invented to machine intelligence successfully. I think (AI) scientists need to solve these further challenges to influence (AI) brain invention success. The limitations include such as below: Computation is based on functions of integers is limited. They must let computer data can change to words, then words can change images, then any images can change to storage to let (AI) brain to remember to do any analytical and judgement able tasks to make any actions in the short time finally. It is (AI) brain behavioral and analytical mind speed limitation. Moreover, anther limitation concerns biological systems clearly difference, they must respond to varied stimuli over long period of time, those responses any changes alter their environment and subsequent stimuli. The individual behaviors of social insects, for example, are affected by the structure of the home, they build, and the change their behaviors. Nowadays, (AI) brain invention is called computational neuro science, which have assured that the brain is a computer, it means a machine that is algorithms and architectures. Second, neuro science findings may validate the energy ability of existing algorithms being integral parts of a general (AI) system. It means (AI) robots change adapting environment limitation. It means how (AI) brains adapt to choose to make any analytical mind as well as how to be influenced by external environment to do their behaviors or actions in the efficient way, e.g. how to manufacture many cars efficiently in one factory in the short time. Consequently, to solve these limitations, we need to know how to apply correct conceptual knowledge to let (AI) robots to learn, e.g. for example, if we know how conceptual knowledge was formed from perceptual inputs, it would crucially allow for the meaning of symbols in an artificial language system to be grounded in sensory " reality". When (AI) scientists can achieve how to solve all above limitation challenges, then (AI) brain invention will achieve more easily.


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