Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin: The Horrifying & True Story of Joel The Ripper (The Serial Killer Books)

English | March 8, 2018 | ISBN: 1986277038 | 178 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 1.15 MB

Joel Rifkin trolled the streets on Manhattan and Long Island under the cover of night, searching for a way to ease the intense urges he couldn't deny. Prostitutes were his targets, and though some he allowed to live, there were many who were much less fortunate.

Dismembered bodies were soon discovered, but nobody could identify whowas responsible for such despicable acts of murder and horror. Until, one night while Rifkin was disposing of his 17th victim, he was finally caught.

One of the most famous serial killers, Rifkin has shared some of his thoughts and feelings about the crimes he committed, yet he too still questions why he felt the way he did. He is perhaps one of the most interesting American serial killers to date, and his true crime stories are among the most disturbing.

There have been few New York murders committed by serial killers, including Rifkin and the Long Island Serial Killer. Rifkin was at one time considered a suspect in the case of the Long Island Serial Killer, and this true crime book discusses his opinions of who the killer could actually be.

If you are passionate about true crime serial killers, then you will absolutely enjoy this book. Of all the serial killer books out there, this one delves into the controversy surrounding the death penalty, and discusses whether monsters like Rifkin should be executed or allowed to live their days out in prison, when they stripped that opportunity from the innocent victims they slayed.


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