The New Scholarship on Dewey

The New Scholarship on Dewey

1995 | 238 Pages | ISBN: 0792334469 | PDF | 6 MB

Since 1979, when Richard Rorty's Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature appeared, there has been a flood of new scholarship on the philosophy of John Dewey. Surprisingly, little of this scholarship has thus far made its way into the field of education, where Dewey's philosophy has traditionally had a wide influence. Many of the authors of this collection are philosophers who have created some of the most original and influential work in this new scholarship. Five of them -- Larry Hickman, Thomas M. Alexander, Raymond D. Boisvert, and J.E. Tiles -- have written major books that have received wide international acclaim. Among the philosophers of education some, like Philip W. Jackson, are among the best known names in the entire international field, and have kept pace with Deweyan scholarship for many years. Others are younger scholars who know the new scholarship well. Finally, two prominent feminists contribute important new work on Dewey, expanding the domain of the new scholarship on Dewey. One of them, Susan Laird, has had her work cited in the new biography of John Dewey by Robert Westbrook.


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