True Crime Case Files Bundle Set: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 in a Single Anthology: 20 In-depth Reviews of Real Cases

True Crime Case Files Bundle Set: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3 in a Single Anthology: 20 In-depth Reviews of Real Cases

English | 2020 | ISBN: N/A | 189 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 1.91 MB

Believe Me: a young woman claims to have been raped but the police think she is lying. Ultimately Marie must rely on the painstaking work of two detectives whom she has never met for justice.

Manufactured Monster?: there was no question that Jeremy Gross had brutally shot to death a shop worker when he was eighteen. But could the horrible upbringing which he had experienced save him from the death penalty? His defense team must convince a jury to spare their client's life.
Aileen Wuornos: the story of a serial killer targeting prostitutes is a tale as old as time. Aileen Wuornos turned that tale on its head though.

West Memphis Three: when three young boys are found brutally murdered in a small religious town, a trio of social misfit teenagers are found guilty of the crime. There's just one problem though...there is no evidence at all to suggest the teens are murderers. When one of the convicted teens is sentenced to death, there is a race against time to prove the young mens' innocence.
Mark Kilroy: when ayoung American goes missing in Mexico, it is assumed that he simply got separated from his friends and will turn up shortly. The truth is almost too horrific to believe.

What Are Friends For: Eighteen year old Conrad Roy's suicide was a tragedy for all those who knew him. But when it is discovered from text messages on his phone that one of his own "friends" egged Conrad on and urged him to take his own life, the police are forced to manoeuvre around a minefield of legal loopholes if they are to secure a conviction.
You'll Never Beat the Irish: Mike Malloy just would not die, no matter how hard the other patrons of the speakeasy tried to kill him. An almost unbelievable tale of greed during the days of the Great Depression, Stephen McGrann separates fact from myth in a story which is still told in the bars of New York to this day.
The Grim Sleeper: thanks to advances in DNA technology, the sins of the son help expose the sins of the father and take a serial killer off the streets of LA.

Jeffrey Dahmer: neighbors complained about the smell coming from his apartment, and the police officers who went inside never slept the same again.
Lindbergh Kidnapping: he was the most famous man in the world for flying solo across the Atlantic. Today he is remembered for the tragic fate which befell his infant son.

Fire in the Night: when a devastating house fire kills three people, suspicion quickly falls upon the sole surviving family member


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