Winston Churchill: Portrait of an Unquiet Mind

Winston Churchill: Portrait of an Unquiet Mind

2012 | ISBN: 1848846770 | English | 224 Pages | EPUB | 5 MB

Winston Churchill was an extraordinary person - a politician, a statesman, a man of letters and a soldier but it was for his wartime leadership during the Second World War that he is chiefly remembered. In a study of his life, certain bizarre character traits become discernible.

He had excessive energy and required little sleep. His mind would either flit from one idea to another with bewildering speed or focus obsessively on one particular goal. He was impulsive, and his attention was easily drawn to irrelevant or unimportant matters. He enjoyed taking risks almost to the point of self-destruction. He lacked inhibition and was eccentric in the extreme. Yet at other times, when he was afflicted with what he called his 'Black Dog', he became depressed, irritable, aggressive, and preoccupied with death and thoughts of suicide.

By closely and painstakingly examining the statements of Churchill's doctor, of Winston himself, his family, his friends and acquaintances, Dr. Norman, as a medical man, has been able to ascertain the true nature of Winston's disorder. The diagnosis having been made, it is now possible for the very first time, and this will remain secret until the book is published, to understand the man himself and what made him 'tick'.


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