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This book will make playing chess a simple and immediate task. Chess can be a very complex game for newbies and for those who approach the game for the first time. If you don't know the rules, the strategies and the basic openings, you are likely to end up bitterly loosing many many times. Did you know that the number of possible moves during the course of a chess game is higher than the number of atoms present in theuniverse? It seems crazy, but it's true!
This book is a practical guide (for beginners) that will make the chess game simple and fun. You are going to learn powerful game strategies like: 'The fork', 'Pins', 'The skewer', 'Attacking a defender', 'The discovered attack', 'Double checks' and much more!
How to play chess and the basic rules of itExplanation of each chess pieceThe best strategies to immediately start playing and being competitiveAn easy guide to the opening strategies, you'll always know how to behave at the beginning of every matchCheckmating patterns and methodsHow to attack the opponent and defend own pawnsIllustrations to understand the different moves and strategiesDefeat your opponent by predicting his/her moves

    Thanks to the immediacy of the explanations provided in this book, you will be able to start applying the strategies of the best chess champions straightaway and win.
    You'll amaze your friends and opponents with unpredictable moves and enjoy amazing and well deserved victories!
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