CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics on CD-ROM Version 2007

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The Handbook of Chemistry and Physics on CD-ROM, Version 2007 provides a thorough range of critically evaluated data in a convenient, electronic format. This CD-ROM edition contains all of the information found in the 87th print edition augmented by a range of special utilities, such as structure searching, interactive data management, cross-table searching by topic or structure, and powerful data selection tools that allow you to customize the display and export data. This year updates and expands many of the most heavily used tables in the book, including: · Physical Properties of Inorganic Compounds - Features nearly 25% more compounds · Enthalpy of Fusion - Contains updated values and 20% more compounds, especially inorganics · Bond Dissociation Energies - Includes 70% more compounds, including for the first time more than 1200 molecular ions · Table of the Isotopes - Brought up to date with research results through the year 2005 · Inorganic Ion and Ligand Nomenclature - Incorporates new rules from IUPAC for systematic names · Chemical Carcinogens - Updated in accordance with the recent report from the National Toxicology Program · Global Temperature Trend - Traces the rise in mean global temperature for the last 150 years


[Fast Download] CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics on CD-ROM Version 2007

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