Challenging Weight Loss, Physical Activity and Motivation: The Effectiveness of a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

Challenging Weight Loss, Physical Activity and Motivation: The Effectiveness of a 12 Week Weight Loss Challenge

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You can lose weight like crazy, and you can achieve anything! Brittany Muhlstein shares the revolutionary step-by-step approach to lose weight that made her one of the top fitness and nutrition celebrities in the world. No cutting corners and no BS: In this book she reveals the personal struggles that shaped her approach to overcome excuses that led to this 12 week plan to succeed at weight loss, and life!

Hey there! I'm Brittany Muhlstein.

I'm a american girl, working who really had no business being in the business of health and fitness. But I found my passion in helping people achieve their weight-loss and health goals. I turned myself into a mini mega-mogul of nutrition and fitness with two of Beachbody's most successful programs ever: 21 Day Fix and The Ultimate Portion Fix.

I've led a crazy life and it's still crazy-probably a lot like yours. I've faced tremendous hardships and disappointments that have deflated my self-confidence. But I've found a way to turn "failures" into "redirections" that have transformed my life. And you can do it, too!

Over the past five years, I've helped hundreds of thousands of people finally get control of food and lose 10, 20, 30, even more than 100 pounds with my breakthrough weight-loss programs. And, now I'm going to do the same for you!

Imagine enjoying your favorite CARBS, COCKTAILS, AND EVEN CHOCOLATE CAKE and still melt fat to build the lean, fit, healthy body you've always wanted!

Here's my proposition: Give me just 12 week of your time, trust my process, GO ALL IN, and see what happens to your body. If you've ever struggled to lose weight before, I know why, and I have the solution.

Lose Weight Like Crazy is NOT a DIET. There's Zero Deprivation. It works by automatically controlling your portion sizes, eliminating those unhealthy, sugary processed foods that trigger cravings, and filling you up on a proven ratio of healthy whole foods. It's simple. It's backed by science. And it works.

Here's what YOU can expect while you lose weight like crazy:

You won't count calories!
You won't feel hungry or deprived!
You can enjoy dessert!
You can have a cocktail with your friends!
You can speed up your results by adding fast, fun exercise routines that you'll love!
You can maintain your new body and feel amazing-for life!


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