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Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, I'm going to have a private, one-hour meeting with an elite handful of the world's hottest marketing pros and copywriters

and in that meeting, I'm going to reveal the secrets I've used to write many of America's most effective direct mail and web-based promotions.

I'm absolutely convinced that the secrets I'll reveal are going to make someone (hopefully several someones) a millionaire.

Just another hyper-inflated, over-the-top claim?

Judge for yourself

When I use these secrets to create a web-based promotion for a client, I often sell $2 million, $3 million, up to $5 million - and get paid $200,000 $300,000 up to $500,000 in royalties in as little as six weeks!

When I use these secrets to create a direct mail promotion, my clients often mail 10 million 20 million up to 30 million pieces - and pay me $500,000 $1 million up to $1.5 million in royalties.

When personally I taught these techniques to six up-and-coming writers, every one of them went on to be six-figure copywriters all of them used my secrets to make millions and at least four now make in excess of $1 million per year.

And when I used these techniques in promotions to grow my clients' companies, four of them more than quadrupled in size to well over $100 million a year!

What surprises most folks is, I've done all that by committing what can only be called copywriting heresy: I completely IGNORE product benefits in my headline and lead copy.

Heck. I usually don't even MENTION the product until page 16 or 17 of a 24-page promo!

Why? Because 27 years ago, I discovered a startling secret and that secret has made me (according to Bob Bly and the American Writers Artists Institute) America's highest-paid copywriter.

I discovered that being a renegade - strategically violating marketing orthodoxy and committing key copywriting sins can lift you head and shoulders above the crowd drive response rates through the roof and make you rich.

And tomorrow at noon Eastern, I'm going to reveal my all-time favorite strategy: The Advertorial.

In this one-hour webinar - How to Write Kick-Butt Advertorial - you can watch on your computer screen and listen by phone as I show you - step by step - how to create advertorial promotions that explode your response and income!

You'll discover

Five reasons why advertorial promotions leave other types of promos in the dust

The six key elements nearly all advertorial promotions have in common

Five additional elements that can explode response to your next advertorial promotion

The five most effective formats for your direct mail advertorials - and how to use each one

The three most commonly used outlines for writing both Web-based and Direct Mail advertorials

And much, much more!


[Fast Download] Clayton Makepeace - Easy Writers Club Webinar 3 Writing Kickbutt Advertorials [1 PDF 1 MP3

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