Co-Creation, Innovation and New Service Development : The Case of the Videogames Industry

Co-Creation, Innovation and New Service Development : The Case of the Videogames Industry

by Jedrzej Czarnota
English | 2018 | ISBN: 1138636592 | 238 Pages | PDF | 1.18 MB

Involving customers in the development and production of new services becomes a powerful force across many creative industries. Customers can directly supply the firm with innovative ideas, provide skilled labour, and act as a powerful force in marketing. Firms across the world, as they seek to innovate and to better respond to market needs, begin to recognize the benefits stemming from customers' involvement in their operations. Co-creation also becomes more prevalent as customers begin to expect it from firms ?seeking to influence their favourite services or products, and to have them better tailored to their needs.

Nevertheless, empowering the customers and involving them in the internal affairs of a firm is both difficult and risky. Despite co-creation becoming increasingly important to firms, very few accounts of it exist and many firms fail. Therefore, to navigate those straits, and to reap the benefits of co-creation, requires knowledge and more complete understanding of socio-cultural forces underpinning it.

By studying a wide array of videogames firms in the USA and Europe, this book provides a unique insight into co-creation. It builds on the existing theories to provide unified framework for understanding co-creation in creative industries and other sectors. It combines insights from the dynamics of customer communities, with firm's perspective on innovation management and organizational transformation.

The book offers highly detailed insights into the industry, which is at the forefront of co-creation. Furthermore, it sheds new light on the videogames firms and their operations and is therefore ideally designed for researchers, educators, and students alike in the fields of knowledge management, innovation management, firm strategy, organization studies and creativity management.


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