Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems

Gnnter Radons(ed), "Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems"
Springer-Verlag New York | September 2004 | ISBN: 354021383X | 390 pages | RAR'd | PDF | 10 M
Phase transitions in disordered systems and related dynamical phenomena are a topic of intrinsically high interest in theoretical and experimental physics. This book presents a unified view, adopting concepts from each of the disjoint fields of disordered systems and nonlinear dynamics. Special attention is paid to the glass transition, from both experimental and theoretical viewpoints, to modern concepts of pattern formation, and to the application of the concepts of dynamical systems for understanding equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties of fluids and solids. The content is accessible to graduate students, but will also be of benefit to specialists, since the presentation extends as far as the topics of ongoing research work.

Table of Contents:

Kinetic pattern formation at solid surfaces 5
Nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation in semiconductor systems 39
Group theoretic methods in the theory of pattern formation 61
On fundamental structure-forming processes 85
Glass transition in colloids and undercooled liquids 125
Experimental investigations of collective excitations in disordered matter 147
Theories of the structural glass transition 171
Glassy dynamics and aging in disordered systems 203
Nonlinear dynamics in aperiodic crystals 237
Disordered dynamical systems 271
Lyapunov instability of fluids 301
On symbolic dynamics of space-time chaotic models 339
Complex adaptive systems 359

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