Colonize Space! Open the Age of Reason

Colonize Space! Open the Age of Reason (Proceedings of the Krafft A. Ehricke Memorial Conference, June 1985) By Susan Welsh, Marjorie Mazel Hecht (Editors)
Publisher: Oxford University Press 1985 | 400 Pages | ISBN: 0933488416 | File type: PDF | 15 mb

This book presents the proceedings of an extraordinary conference held June 15-16 in Reston, Virginia, in memory of space scientist Krafft A. Ehricke who died in December 1984. The Fusion Energy Foundation and the Schiller Institute convened the conference to bring together a group of international military, scientific, diplomatic, and community leaders who would take responsibility for solving the profound crisis gripping the Western world.

Titled quot;The Age of Reason in a World of Mutually Assured Survival and Space Colonization,quot; the conference discussed scientific breakthroughs in the beam defense progralIl and the classical scientific method that led to those breakthroughs. Proposed was a crash program approach to rescue mankind from disaster by lifting the eyes of the world to the stars achieving a successful beam defense program as a first step along the way to industrializing and colonizing the Moon and Mars.
In the spirit of Krafft Ehricke's cultural optimism, the conference participants insisted that even today's strategic crisis can be overcome if we create a new renaissance. As a first step, these conference proceedings were rushed into print for use by participants and others not present to begin to get the job done.

The proceedings were transcribed from tapes. A few papers were translated by the conference organizers. These include the remarks of Rolf Engel, Gertrude Nebel, Hermann Oberth, and Sen. Vincenzo Carollo.

Please note that brief descriptions of all participants appear on pp. 381-384. Participants whose presentations or greetings were read at the conference but who were not present include Dr. Willy Bohn, Rolf Engel, Gen. J. Bruce Medaris, Gertrude Nebel, Prof. Hermann Oberth, Prof. Dr.-Eng. Hany O. Ruppe, Dr. Jiirgen Todenhofer, and Kiyoshi Yazawa.

We think Krafft Ehricke would have been pleased with this conference with its discussion of the frontiers of science, from biophysics to astrophysics, with its commitD1ent to rescue the Western alliance, and with its determination to realize the Strategic Defense Initiative as a first step along the way to achieving Ehricke's plan for industrializing space.

Ehricke devoted his life to providing man with the knowledge and tools to achieve space colonization and expand man's universe. quot;We must be realistic,quot; Ehricke wrote in 1957, quot;but there is a wrong kind of realism, timid and static, which tells man to live for his existence alone and not to rock the boat. The kind of realism we need is the realism of vision.quot;

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