Compound Semiconductors Strained Layers and Devices

Compound Semiconductors Strained Layers and Devices

2000 | 337 Pages | ISBN: 0792377699 | PDF | 7.7 MB

In recent years, extensive work has been done on strain, dislocations and mechanical properties of strained layers. Although it is not possible to describe all this work in a monograph of this size, Compound Semiconductors Strained Layers and Devices provides an overview with sufficient detail to cover all the essential aspects of recent developments in the field. The book concentrates on compound semiconductors with emphasis on wideband gap II-VI and III-Nitride semiconductors. GeSi strained layers are discussed for comparison to clarify the underlying physics. The effects of strain on band structure, transport, and optical properties of both the zinc blende and the wurtzite compound semiconductors are discussed, as are Piezoelectric Effects and Quantum Confined Stark Effects. Magnetic polarons in diluted II-VI magnetic polarons are also covered. Among the applications, blue and green LEDs and LDs and mid-IR LDs are included. A whole chapter is devoted to these devices. Another chapter examines transistors based on conventional III-V, II-VI and III-nitride semiconductors. The subject matter is treated at a level appropriate for students and senior researchers interested in material science, and in designing and modeling semiconductor devices. It will also be useful to engineers and material scientists concerned with the effects of strain on the mechanical properties of crystalline layers of any material.


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