Conformal Methods in General Relativity

Conformal Methods in General Relativity

by Juan A. Valiente Kroon
English | 2016 | ISBN: 1107033896 | 625 Pages | True PDF | 6.93 MB

This book offers a systematic exposition of conformal methods and how they can be used to study the global properties of solutions to the equations of Einstein's theory of gravity. It shows that combining these ideas with differential geometry can elucidate the existence and stability of the basic solutions of the theory. Introducing the differential geometric, spinorial and PDE background required to gain a deep understanding of conformal methods, this text provides an accessible account of key results in mathematical relativity over the last thirty years, including the stability of de Sitter and Minkowski spacetimes. For graduate students and researchers, this self-contained account includes useful visual models to help the reader grasp abstract concepts and a list of further reading, making this the perfect reference companion on the topic.

Juan A. Valiente Kroon is a Reader in Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London. He has been a Lise Meitner Fellow of the Austrian FWF and an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow, and he specialises in various aspects of mathematical general relativity.


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