Contributing to Eclipse: Principles, Patterns, and Plug-Ins

Eclipse is a many-splendored thing. Eclipse is a technology, an extensible platform for tool integration, and a wide range of tools built on that platform. Eclipse is an open source project that delivers this technology. And Eclipse is a community that contributes to the open source project and also produces commercial Eclipse-based tools. The community itself is diverse, ranging from users of Eclipse-based products, to tool writers building extensions, to researchers exploring new ways of using Eclipse.

Eclipse is an ambitious undertaking. It provides a platform that allows diverse tools to interoperate, often in ways that the tool writers did not initially imagine. To make this aim a reality, we use an open, merit-based, collaborative development processhigh-quality contributions are accepted from anyone. As the Contribution Rule reminds us, "Everything is a contribution." And with many contributions, the possibilities are endless.

The Eclipse Platform is composed of numerous plug-ins, and if you cast your net more widely, you will discover a plethora of additional plug-ins. Contributing to Eclipse enables you to jump into this expanding ecosystem and become a tool writer yourself. It is a guide through the initial barrier to entry, giving you the tools to explore the Eclipse landscape and venture out on your own. A fully worked example takes you step by step through the evolution of a plug-infrom initial implementation to product-ready software. In addition, this book defines Rules for extending Eclipse, so your plug-ins are "done right." Eclipse-literate readers will appreciate this book too: Its instruction confirms your accumulated understanding and it provides new insights into areas where you are less experienced. Chapters end with forwarding pointers to additional material so you can dive deeper.

These authors know what they are talking about. Erich is the authoritative source on the Java development tooling. In addition to leading this effort, he has been influential in the evolution and maturation of the Eclipse Platform. Kent has a deep understanding of software development processes and he is a master at providing clarity, simplicity, and understanding. Together, they share their experiences with Eclipse and teach us how our own experiences can be successful. I trust you will enjoy this refreshingly practical book while you absorb its instruction on how to immerse yourself into Eclipse.

On a personal note, Erich and I have been collaborating on IDE technology for several years. The previous efforts were educational stepping stonessometimes not even completed before we moved on to the next iteration. But we kept learning. With Eclipse, we have a technology that will continue to grow and evolve. Eclipse is worth investing in. Put Eclipse to work for you. I have confidence you will find new ways to contribute to Eclipse!

Book Info:
Published in 2003
ISBN 0321205758  Size 4.90MB

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