Control Your Dreams

Control Your Dreams: How Lucid Dreaming Can Help You Uncover Your Hidden Desires, Confront Your Hidden Fears, and Explore the Frontiers of Human Cons By Jayne Gackenbach, Jane Bosveld, Jayne Gachebbach
Publisher: Har percoll ins 1989 | 235 Pages | ISBN: 0060159332 | File type: PDF | 1 mb

This book is about a special type of dream, a dream in which you realize that you are dreaming, not after you awaken and think to yourself, "Oh, that was a dream," but one in which you say to yourself while in the dream, "Oh, I'm dreaming!." These dreams are called lucid dreams, and though not everyone has had one, most people can learn to have one. We will tell you how. This book is also about why you may want to have one. It details how lucid dreaming can enhance your psychological well- being and perhaps influence your health. It is an exploration of how lucid dreams challenge our notions of what is real and what is illusion, and about what it means, after all, to be conscious. This book is about the evolution of the human mind as revealed in the scientific study of the lucid dream.

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