Countdown to Poetry Writing: Step by Step Approach to Writing Techniques for 7-12 Years

Steve Bowkett, quot;Countdown to Poetry Writing: Step by Step Approach to Writing Techniques for 7-12 Yearsquot;
David Fulton Publishers | 2009 | ISBN: 0415477522 | 160 pages | File type: PDF | 2,5 mb
Developing children's writing abilities boosts their confidence, creates enjoyment and relevance in the task and cultivates a range of decision-making and problem-solving skills that can then be applied across the curriculum. The Countdown series provides all the support you need in helping children to improve their prose, poetry and non-fiction writing.

This guide provides all the support you need in helping pupils to improve their poetry writing. Countdown to Poetry Writing is a comprehensive and flexible resource that you can use in different ways, including:

stand-alone modules that cover all the essential aspects of writing a poem, including word play, use of metaphor, rhyme and many others
countdown flowchart providing an overview showing how modules are linked and how teachers can progress through them with the pupils
photocopiable activity sheets for each module that show how to make the decisions and solve the problems that all writers face along the road from first idea to finished piece of work
teachers�notes for modules, with tips and guidance, including how modules can be used in the classroom, Download link: to other modules and curriculum Download link:, and advice on helping and guiding pupils in their writing
a self-study component so that children can make their own progress through the materials, giving young writers a sense of independence in thinking about their work and offering built-in scaffolding of tasks so that less experienced or less confident children get more support from the resource
'headers' for each module showing where along the 'countdown path' you are at that point.

In short, Countdown to Poetry Writing saves valuable planning time and gives you all the flexibility you need - teachers might want to utilise either the self-study or 'countdown' aspects of the book, or simply dip into it for individual lesson activities to fit in with their own programmes of work.

[Fast Download] Countdown to Poetry Writing: Step by Step Approach to Writing Techniques for 7-12 Years

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