Creative Composition: Digital Photography Tips Techniques

Harold Davis Creative Composition: Digital Photography Tips Techniques
Wiley | English | 2009-10-26 | ISBN: 0470527145 | 240 pages | File type: PDF | 37,8 mb

Sometimes you get the best results by breaking the rules, but first you have to know what the rules are! In this indispensable photography guide, renowned photographer Harold Davis first walks you through the recommended guidelines for composing great shots with your DSLR camera-and then shows you how to break free, build your own unique style, and compose beautiful images with confidence.

? Provides practical composition basics as well as the artistic tips and tricks eagerly sought by digital SLR camera lovers, who are growing in number as DSLR camera sales continue to grow
? Explores the fundamental rules of composition-then how to break those rules to take captivating and unique images
? Informs and inspires you with the author's own gorgeous examples of landscapes, portraits, close-ups, and other photos that illustrate his concepts
? Helps you jump-start your creativity by showing you new ways to see
Go beyond the basics and create a photography style that's all your own with this must-have guide.

Amazon Exclusive: Photography Tips and Techniques from Harold Davis

How to Use Shadows to Enhance Your Composition
How to Use LAB Color for Black and White Effects
Professional Photography Techniques from Harold Davis
Amazon Exclusive: Interview with Award-Winning Photographer Harold Davis

We hear you¡¯ve written some new digital photography titles. What¡¯s the story behind these books?
Wiley Publishing is releasing three new books of mine, Creative Close-Ups: Digital Photography Tips Techniques , Creative Night: Digital Photography Tips Techniques , and Creative Composition: Digital Photography Tips Techniques . My idea with these books was to help people become better photographers by presenting the subject of digital photography in a different way.

What¡¯s different about your approach?
They say that cameras don¡¯t take photos, people do. It¡¯s really true. Someone with a great eye can take masterful photos with an inexpensive camera. Therefore, it is important to know something about photo technique, but the really amazing thing is that we can conceptualize and come up with these bits and bytes that make up a photo¡ªand they can be meaningful to people. I try to help people come up with images that are relevant and meaningful. Cameras and hardware are just tools.

What¡¯s with all the photos in these books?
Well, everyone likes to look at striking images, so one thing my photos do in these books is get people¡¯s attention. However, the photos play another role as well. Each photo in my book is accompanied by the story of how the photo was made and the technical data related to the photo. That way, if you¡¯re not ready to dive into the text itself, you can learn a lot just by browsing the photos.

My feeling is that you truly do learn about photography by looking at photos. It¡¯s much more important to look at images you admire and try and figure out why you like them than it is to read about photography. The photos in these books are baked into the DNA of the teaching strategy. By browsing through the pages, someone can learn a great deal and have an enjoyable visual experience at the same time.

What¡¯s the most important thing that readers can get out of your new books?
I want to inspire readers to be the most creative and best photographers they can be. If you pick up one of my books, I hope you can make use of the technical content and see how the photos relate to some of your own work. The most important thing, however, is to take the ideas in the book, get out there, and do some really peddle-to-the-metal creative photography.


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