DIY Box Set: The Best DIY Self Guides to Make Your Life Easier (Frugal Living, Zendoodle Basics, Essential Oils)

DIY Box Set: The Best DIY Self Guides to Make Your Life Easier (Frugal Living, Zendoodle Basics, Essential Oils)

English | March 4, 2016 | ASIN: B01CLEJ5LM | 297 Pages | AZW3/MOBI/EPUB/PDF (conv) | 13.12 MB

BOOK #1: Frugal Living: 25 Simple Tips on How to Spend Less, Save More and Enjoy Life on a Budget

Being frugal essentially means finding ways to cut costs in your personal and household budget, and ultimately become a person who is never wasteful. Wastefulness in society is a cause of great stress and pressure on individuals and their families, and is a huge contributor to environmental concerns like climate change and pollution. Many people are at a loss when trying to figure out ways of making significant savings in their monthly budget.

BOOK #2: Zendoodle Basics: Amazing Zendoodle Patterns Using Pencil Drawings for Absolute Beginners

Art and drawing is a very suggestive thing. When taking up art many people feel that they have to make it look like a specific thing. For example if you like landscapes you need to make a tree look like a tree or a rock look like a rock. Others tend to drift towards more abstract art forms that make the person viewing the piece of art come up with their own conclusions.

BOOK #3: Essential Oils: 25 Outstanding Essential Oil Recipes for Damaged Hair Without Shine That You Can Make at Home

Give your hair natural look using 25 outstanding essential oil recipes for damaged hair

Apart from smelling nice, essential oils have amazing healing qualities: some are rich in anti-oxidants, some have strong disinfectant properties, some are anti-fungal, others are soothing natural anti-inflammatory remedies.

BOOK #4: Organic Gardening: 15 Super Useful Garden Tips for Organic Farming. Learn How to Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

It is becoming increasingly popular to grow your own vegetables, whether it is in a garden plot or in pots. A lot of people don't bother because of the expense involved, with so many tools, equipment, seeds, fertilizers, and chemical sprays. But, what if you could do the same job using things you have around the home?

Learning the many different gardening hacks included in this book, will help you create the garden of your dreams, and enable you to supply yourself and your family with the freshest, and healthiest of vegetables. At least by growing them yourself you know what has been put on your vegetables.

BOOK #5: Herb Garden: 28 Excellent Gardening Tips For Growing Delicious Herbs and Spices in Your Kitchen Garden

To be clear, cultivating herbs in the kitchen garden is all you have to do to build a herb garden. Did you understand what I'm willing to say? That's it... However, 'that's it' is not enough, I'm here to get you work hard. So you'll be guided thoroughly on how to build a herb garden. Many of you may not know about which herbs are the best matches for you or your garden and some of you may not have the equipments to plant those herbs. Also, there are some comrades who don't care about maintenance after they build something.

BOOK #6: Tiny House: 8 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Tiny House Living and Design the Perfect Tiny Home of Your Dreams

Do you have a small home so you think that you simply do not have enough room even for the basic things, let alone for a creative and modern living space? Think again because this book will show you that living in a small house (or apartment) does not have to be a stifling and grim experience, but bright, interesting and fun! Think about the time that you will save on cleaning and organizing the numerous pieces of furniture that you would otherwise have in a bigger home.


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