Data Storage Backup and Replication: Effective Data Management to Ensure Optimum Performance and Business Continuity

Data Storage Backup and Replication: Effective Data Management to Ensure Optimum Performance and Business Continuity

English | September 15, 2015 | ASIN: B015FDF5ZG | 99 Pages | MOBI | 3.14 MB

It's often said that "you cannot know the value of a thing until it's lost" that saying has been around for ages and it's still relevant even in this century. Is your data worth a penny, a thousand or a billion dollars or is it even priceless? You won't fully know and understand until you lose them.
In today's world, for an organization to protect and minimize risk of losing business availability, measures are required to maintain its continuity. Data is one of the most important asset to any organization. Any impact on its availability, will impact company, both in terms of revenue and reputation.

In information technology (IT), a backup, refers to making additional copy of production data, to be stored, preserved and retained to ensure proper and efficient restoration of an original file, after a data loss, disaster, corruption or any other reason.

So, at an enterprise level, Small data loss can be easily recovered with the help of regular backup, but in case of disaster or say in a scenario where, somehow a complete storage array is down or lost, restoring data from backup takes lot of time. Replication is one of the method to ensure Business Continuity by creating an exact replica of data in a separate local or remote storage array. These replica copies are different from data backup as these are ready to use in case of any disaster or data loss.

Why to Read this e-book?

Data Storage Network is considered as one of the most confusing, misunderstood and complex domain in IT industry. This is primarily due to lack of awareness about Data Storage technologies, devices, protocols, features and training. So, due to scarcity of resources available in the industry, it is one of the, always in-demand skill set in IT market.
Data Storage Backup and Replication methods adds-up in this chain of confusion and complexity due to presence of number of options available and complex workflow of each. Organizations need to choose among these options carefully based on the factors like cost, performance, business continuity and disaster recovery improvements that it provides.

This e-book is a small effort to provide some brief of different Data Backup and Replication methods, topologies and functional layout of these in a Storage Network.
This e-book has content for everyone, irrespective of expertise level, role and experience of an individual. It starts with brief introduction on Data backup and restoration process and further provides detail on different possible topologies for same. Similarly, this book also provides details on different local and remote replication methods available and functional workflow of each.

How it can help you?

"Learn here, Apply anywhere", here we are learning pure concepts, free from any vendor specific device and feature. So, concepts learned here can be applied across all vendor devices and implementation.

"Build or Master a Skillset", as Data Storage is one of the always in-demand and fastest trending domain in IT industry.

"Learn unique concepts", as learning in-demand concepts will help you to grow both in term of knowledge, profile and career.

This e-book is also available in Video format, as a part of Training course on 'Data Storage Network and Security'


[Fast Download] Data Storage Backup and Replication: Effective Data Management to Ensure Optimum Performance and Business Continuity

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