Delmar's Standard Textbook of Electricity

2011 | ISBN: 1111539154 9781111539153 9781133173311 | 1153 pages | PDF | 63.69 Mb

This book designed to teach by blending concepts relating to electrical theory and principles with practical 'how to' information that prepares you for situations commonly encountered on the job. Topics span all the major aspects of the electrical field including atomic structure and basic electricity, direct and alternating current, basic circuit theory, three-phase circuits, single phase, transformers, generators, and motors.

Dedication Page
Introduction: Electrical Occupations
Organization of the Industry
1 SECTION I: Safety, Basic Electricity, and Ohm's Law
Safety Overview
UNIT 1: Atomic Structure
UNIT 2: Electrical Quantities and Ohm's Law
UNIT3: Static Electricity
UNIT 4: Magnetism
UNIT 5: Resistors
SECTION II: Basic Electric Circuits
UNIT 6: Series Circuits
UNIT 7:Parallel Circuits
UNIT 8: Combination Circuits
UNIT 9: Kirchhoffs Laws, Thevenin's, Norton's, and Superposition Theorems
SECTION III: Meters and Wire Sizes
UNIT 10: Measuring Instruments
UNIT 11: Using Wire Tables and Determining Conductor Sizes
SECTION IV: Small Sources of Electricity
UNIT 12: Conduction in Liquids and Gases
UNIT 13: Batteries and Other Sources of Electricity
UNIT 14: Magnetic Induction
SECTION V: Basics of Alternating Current
UNIT 15: Basic Trigonometry and Vectors
UNIT 16: Alternating Current
SECTION VI: Alternating Current (AC) Circuits Containing Inductance
UNIT 17: Inductance in AC Circuits
UNIT 18: Resistive-Inductive Series Circuits
UNIT 19: Resistive-Inductive Parallel Circuits
SECTION VII: AC Circuits Containing Capacitors
UNIT 21: Capacitance in AC Circuits
UNIT 22: Resistive-Capacitive Series Circuits
UNIT 23: Resistive-Capacitive Parallel Circuits
SECTION VIII: AC Circuits Containing Resistance-lnductance-Capacitance
UNIT 24: Resistive-Inductive-Capacitive Series Circuits
UNIT 25: Resistive-Inductive-Capacitive Parallel Circuits
UNIT 26: Filters
SECTION IX: Three-Phase Power
UNIT 27: Three-Phase Circuits
SECTION X: Transformers
UNIT 28: Single-Phase Transformers
UNIT 29: Three-Phase Transformers
UNIT 30: DC Generators
UNIT 31: DC Motors
UNIT 32: Three-Phase Alternators
UNIT 33:Three-Phase Motors
UNIT 34: Single-Phase Motors
APPENDIX A: Identifying the Leads of a Three-Phase, Wye-Connected, Dual-Voltage Motor
APPENDIX C: Greek Alphabet
APPENDIX E:Scientific Notation
APPENDIX F: Answers to Practice Problems


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