Detecting Trust and Deception in Group Interaction

Detecting Trust and Deception in Group Interaction

English | 2021 | ISBN: 303054382X | 329 Pages | PDF EPUB |21 MB

This book analyzes the multimodal verbal and nonverbal behavior of humans in both an artificial game, based on the well-known Mafia and Resistance games, as well as selected other settings. This book develops statistical results linking different types of facial expressions (e.g. smile, pursed lips, raised eyebrows), vocal features (e.g., pitch, loudness) and linguistic features (e.g., dominant language, turn length) with both unary behaviors (e.g. is person X lying?) to binary behaviors (Is person X dominant compared to person Y? Does X trust Y? Does X like Y?). In addition, this book describes machine learning and computer vision-based algorithms that can be used to predict deception, as well as the visual focus of attention of people during discussions that can be linked to many binary behaviors. It is written by a multidisciplinary team of both social scientists and computer scientists.


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