Do It Yourself 25 in 1 Electronic Project On Breadboard: Easy To Build

Do It Yourself 25 in 1 Electronic Project On Breadboard: Easy To Build

English | April 23, 2018 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07CMPP5HV | 138 Pages | MOBI | 3.22 MB

This book is specially written for anyone who interesting in electronic. It has 25 projects. There are simple to build and understand. It uses breadboard to build the different electronic circuits in the projects.

Breadboard (solderless breadboard) is a great way to construct electronic projects easily and in less time without the need of soldering. You can use breadboards to make all sorts of fun electronics projects. A breadboard is a rectangular plastic board with a bunch of tiny holes in it. These holes let you easily insert electronic components to prototype an electronic circuit. It is easy to remove a component if you make a mistake, or just start over and do a new project. Extra jumper wires are used to make connections.

Each projects is followed by a circuit schematic, a breadboard layout, parts list and photo. All the projects are tested before they were added and all of them work. The parts can be easily obtained and are cheap.

PROJECT 26. 2 Transistor Siren - Buzzer.
PROJECT 27. Door Bell Chime - 1 IC & 1 transistor.
PROJECT 28. Buzzer / Door Bell.
PROJECT 29. Door Bell - UM66T.
PROJECT 30. Electronic Buzzer.
PROJECT 31. Door Bell - IC 555.
PROJECT 32. Buzzer - IC 555.
PROJECT 33. Touch Switch - 10 Seconds Buzzer On.
PROJECT 34. Sound Effect 2 Tone.
PROJECT 35. Sound Generator - Light Detector.
PROJECT 36. Tone / Sound Generator.
PROJECT 37. Signal Generator.
PROJECT 38. Tone Generator Control.
PROJECT 39. Ticking Sound.
PROJECT 40. Sound Electronic Lark.
PROJECT 41. Audio Oscillator.
PROJECT 42. Mini Metronome.
PROJECT 43. Ticking Bomb - Transistor.
PROJECT 44. Ticking Bomb - IC.
PROJECT 45. Audible Light Sensor.
PROJECT 46. Light Sensor.
PROJECT 47. Morning Alarm.
PROJECT 48. Morning Sun Alarm.
PROJECT 49. Light Activated Alarm.
PROJECT 50. Bird Electronic Light Control.


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