Drug Dependence (Health Alert)

Drug Dependence (Health Alert)

English | 2010 | ISBN: 0761448187 | 62 Pages | PDF | 6 MB

The most widely used drug among teenagers is marijuana, which can decrease an adolescent's ability to think quickly and cause verbal memory skills to deteriorate. Similarly, alcohol use can lead to a decrease in brain memory cells and lead to poor judgment. These are among the facts in Colligan's book for middle school students, a comprehensive and accurate look at the categories of drugs, history of drug dependence, risk factors and treatment. While occasionally preachy (i.e. "smoking teaches these users that an illicit substances is a quick fix for boredom or difficult feelings") the author strives to make drug dependence relatable and medically accurate, with the opening anecdote focusing on a teenager who began smoking.

The strongest chapter is on the timeline of drug dependence, which discusses opium dependence in Asia in the 1700s, alcohol addiction in England in the 1800s and the modern-day "War on Drugs." The last chapter also discusses the difference between addicts and their course of treatment-rehab-versus those who are drug dependent on caffeine, marijuana or steroids. The latter, the author suggest, may be able to quit by meditating, physical activity or other healthy activities. The book would be a helpful addition to a health curriculum for upper elementary or middle school students. It is part of the Benchmark Books "Health Alert" series.

Chapter 1 What Is It Like to Be Drug 6
Chapter 2 What Is Drug Dependence? 12
Chapter 3 The History of Drug Dependence 34
Chapter 4 From Drug Dependence to 44
Glossary 55
Find Out More 59
Index 61



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