ESL aloud. General Practice: Guided Practice in speaking English

ESL aloud. General Practice: Guided Practice in speaking English
ESL | 2009 | ISBN: N/A | Audio CD | mp3 | 614 mb
The basic method of these lessons is listen-and-repeat. It is much like learning to play a musical instrument by watching someone play a tune and then doing your best to play the tune yourself. In each lesson you get to practice sentences that are very close in meaning to each other. Learning similar sentences will enable you to express the same thought in different ways, just like a native speaker of English. The more you practice, the more you improve your speaking skills. It's that simple.
All texts are included in txt file.

General Practice
Podcast #1 In the Supermarket
Podcast #2 Talking About Movies
Podcast #4 My Sad Friend
Podcast #5 Changing Jobs
Podcast #7 A Day at the Beach
Podcast #8 A Bad Trip Home
Podcast #9 Retirement
Podcast #12 Working Out at the Gym
Podcast #13 Eating in a Restaurant
Podcast #14 Movies Through the Mail
Podcast #16 Maggie the Complainer
Podcast #24 Sarah is Number One
Podcast #25 My Trip to Canada
Podcast #26 Las Vegas
Podcast #27 Job Application
Podcast #28 Borrowing Money
Podcast #29 A Bank Robbery
Podcast #31 The Rain in Los Angeles
Podcast #32 Reading
Podcast #35 Making Friends in Santa Monica
Podcast #37 Theme Parks
Podcast #39 Global Warming and Automobiles
Podcast #40 The 2008 Olympics
Podcast #41 A Family
Podcast #43 Looking for a Job
Podcast #46 Visit to Costa Rica
Podcast #47 Disagreeing
Podcast #49 Spelling Clearly
Podcast #50 University Lectures and Classrooms
Podcast #51 Fear of Flying
Podcast #53 A Camping Trip
Podcast #55 Picking Olives



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