Earth Divination: Earth Magic

Earth Divination: Earth Magic: Practical Guide to Geomancy

English | July 8, 1999 | ISBN: 1567183123 | 224 Pages | PDF | 8.74 MB

Here it is! Earth Divination, Earth Magic by John Michael Greer is the ultimate guide to geomancy, the forgotten oracle of the western world. ?In this book the full potential of geomancy is finally revealed. ?After reading this book, geomancy may become your primary means of divination, or you may simple add it to any system you currently use.

So how does it work? Easy! Just use a stick to make several rows of dots or marks in the earth (some people use pencil dots on a piece of paper). Make them a random number. The book then shows you how to quickly and easily convert each of these into one of the sixteen geomantic figures which are placed on a shield chart.

Following the keys to the figures given in the book - including their symbols, divinatory meanings, colors, etc. - you will be able to use three methods of interpreting the figures. For more information, you can move the figures to a zodiacal chart. The amount of information available is incredible.

But there's more! You will also discover how to use the system of geomancy as a basis for doing magic. The book explores several rituals, including how to invoke the powers of the planetary spirits, make talismans, consecrate tools, do sigil magick, find lost items or missing people, and much more.

Earth Divination, Earth Magic finally returns geomancy to the position it used to hold as one of the premier methods of divination and magic. Also included, for the first time ever, is a translation of a handbook of geomancy by Pietro de Abano from over 600 years ago!

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