Eldar Prophecy (Warhammer 40,000 Novels)

Cassern S Goto - Eldar Prophecy
Games Workshop | 2007 | ISBN 1844164519 | 416 pages | File type: PDF | 1.54 mb
Isolated and alone, the eldar craftworld Kaelor floats through the darkest reaches of space, playing host to a whole civilization that has lived within its vast structure for countless millennia.
When the youthful eldar warrior Naois finally comes of age, he is unaware of the his role in the grand narrative of Kaelor unaware of the dark destiny that lies on his shoulders. Having trained in the ancient Aspect Warrior Temple of the Warp Spiders, he seeks to rebuild the lost power of his once-great family. In apparent fulfilment of a secret prophecy, the young warrior and his infant sister wreak destruction across the craftworld, exacting vengeance on those who brought low their ancestors in the fabled House Wars. Naois and the infant Ela Ashbel bring their enemies to their knees. But can the prophecy that drives Naois be trusted, or are there darker forces at work?

Eldar Prophecy is a story of revenge and fate that explores the mysterious world of the alien eldar a once mighty race that is in the twilight of its existence.
It is the first Black Library book devoted entirely to this popular and enigmatic alien civilization.



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