Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Interfaces

Electronic Properties of Semiconductor Interfaces

English | PDF | 2004 | 269 Pages | ISBN : 3642057780 | 21.74 MB

Almost all semiconductor devices contain metal-semiconductor, insulator-semiconductor, insulator-metal and/or semiconductor-semiconductor interfaces; and their electronic properties determine the device characteristics.
This is the first monograph that treats the electronic properties of all different types of semiconductor interfaces. Using the continuum of interface-induced gap states (IFIGS) as the unifying concept, M?nch explains the band-structure lineup at all types of semiconductor interfaces. These intrinsic IFIGS are the wave-function tails of electron states, which overlap a semiconductor band-gap exactly at the interface, so they originate from the quantum-mechanical tunnel effect. He shows that a more chemical view relates the IFIGS to the partial ionic character of the covalent interface-bonds and that the charge transfer across the interface may be modeled by generalizing Pauling's electronegativity concept. The IFIGS-and-electronegativity theory is used to quantitatively explain the barrier heights and band offsets of well-characterized Schottky contacts and semiconductor heterostructures, respectively.



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